“Something’s coming, something good…”

mission1WE BELIEVE THEATER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Theater entertains; it educates and heals the soul. Theater forces us to empathize, to listen, and to understand people that are not like ourselves. It enables us to second-guess reality, and to explore what goes into being human. Theater promotes positive political change and reaches through barriers to give people hope. From the very beginning of civilization, theater has helped us discover and understand ourselves, and our relationship with our world.

MAT’s mission is to present, preserve, and interpret theater’s history and stories, honor excellence, and make a connection between the generations of people who enjoy theater, and those yet to discover its magic, in an entertaining, enlightening and educational way.

The Museum is committed to fulfilling its mission by:

1. Collecting through donation and loans American theater artifacts works of art, literature, photographs,  memorabilia, video, stories, and all related materials about the creative process, and history of the art form

2. Preserving the collection via professional museum standards: documentation, study, research, cataloguing, and publication.

3. Exhibiting materials and telling stories from MAT’s collection or other sources, working with others to exhibit their material and telling their tales, changing exhibitions, and research.

4. Interpreting artifacts and stories through exhibition and educational programs to enhance understanding, and appreciation of theater by a diverse audience.

5. Recognizing and celebrating exceptional careers and achievements.

6. Presenting performances, demonstrations, and discussions by practicing artists, and holding classes for all ages and skill levels.

7. Giving back to the theater, local and national communities.

8. Engaging visitors in a new, total theater experience.

We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that make theater a thing to do and reclaim its role as a celebration of life that belongs to all of us.