Performances at MAT will be presented in a black box space designed for intimate, high-quality entertainment at affordable, market-rate prices. The programs will feature solo and ensemble vocal and instrumental performers, dance, script readings, and a variety of emerging and established theater-related, New York-flavored acts.


Theater-maker Panels and Talks

The Museum also will examine the creative process behind great theater. We will host regular discussions with influential theater makers, scholars, and critics on theater issues and shows. Partnering with university and performing arts schools, these programs will also serve as supplements to curriculum. Examination of bad theater will occur every third Sunday of each month.

Dark Monday Mixed Bag: Tag Team Lectures on Unrelated Topics – First one speaker speaks on a topic for twenty minutes, then a second speaker speaks on a second topic for twenty minutes, and then there is question and answer on both at the same time. Enjoy & learn from experts.

A sample season of topics could include:

Week 1: Muppets & Gin Martinis
Week 2: Annie! & Russian Conceptualism
Week 3: Marx Brothers & the Napoleonic Wars
Week 4: Aristotle & Ed Wynn
Week 5: Archigram & Artificial Flavor
Week 6: Stereoscopic Photography & Eleven O’clock Numbers
Week 7: Judas Iscariot & Hissing Cockroaches
Week 8: Elaine Stritch and Cross-Dressing Saints
Week 9: Phantom Limbs & Eugene O’Neill
Week 10: Andrew Lloyd Webber & Giant Vegetables


events2Film Series

Interested in back-to-back-to-back singing, dancing, and drama on celluloid until you pass out? The films and video recordings made of American theater performances, artist biographies, and documentaries about the theater will be featured in MAT’s Saturday-Sunday film mini-festival.


Special Events

Theater is unpredictable. Every performance is different. MAT will attempt to capture this lighting-in-a-bottle with our eclectic calendar of Special Events.

Possible events could include:

“4000 Miles” 4K Bike Ride – Ride through Lower East Side ethnic theater district; Be coddled by your very own Jewish grandmother; Blintz and kreplach lunch; Free screening of “Yentl.”

Win a Date with the LAByrinth Theater – Dating game to win instant speed date with the entire LAByrinth Theater company.

Demon Barberfest – A shave; A Dental Exam; And pie.

Little Girls, Little Girls – Classic Broadway dances for moms, dads and their daughters of all ages.

A Very “Mikado” Christmas – A Gilbert & Sullivan sing-a-long in Yiddish. Free eggnog (booze extra).

B+ (Very Good) Explanations – Four young curators take on producers and directors to offer their take on contemporary theater, and explain why they are convinced – or not yet convinced – by some of the most intriguing work on the scene.

Mambo for the Misbegotten  Whether your goal is to enjoy an evening of dancing with friends, or to prepare for a stage performance, no matter how badly you dance, our mambo/ salsa nights will deliver. And you’ll get a hug when you leave.

TKTS Kraft Singles Tuesdays – Nametags made of Kraft Singles and theater activities for singles on the TKTS ticket line in Duffy Square.

You’re Much Too Dramatic (but we like you that way) – An all-comers declamation contest where amateur and professional actors of all talent levels will have a chance to show off their inner ham with unrehearsed readings of randomly selected monologues from our best-loved plays.