Putting It Together

education1MAT will sponsor classes and workshops for professionals and amateurs led by our resident teaching artists. Participants will have an intensive experience that involves the learning of process, refinement of skills, development of theater awareness through the manipulation of materials and themselves.

The Museum will present professional development workshops and master classes for performers and educators, after-school programs for students, and activities for senior citizens in partnership with community organizations. Programs will encourage students to express themselves creatively, improve their ability to use technology, take risks, and sharpen their analytical skills through theater.

MAT’s classes will combine the best elements of professional skills classes, with the warm, low-key approach of a full-service, community center arts program. Classes for artists in New York City are notoriously expensive. MAT will provide a variety of professional level classes at affordable prices.

Our class offerings will include: acting, dancing, directing, choreography, playwriting, theater design, and improvisation.


education2Young Adults and Schools

Our student’s experiences at MAT will engender a lifetime of learning, creativity, and appreciation for theater and the artistic process. MAT will offer curriculum-based education programs using theater media to spark student’s imagination and spur interest in learning (and theater) directed toward 5–18 year olds. We will offer a flexible series of classes and seminars that introduce students to theater mediums, and a theater camp in the summer. Studies conducted by the National Arts Council show that as children are exposed to theater, it becomes a part of their lives.

Young Adult classes will include: acting, dancing, movement, playwriting, theater design, improvisation, and clowning.


education3Family Workshops

Sunday Family workshops will give parents the opportunity to experience the museum’s classes with their children, enjoy family-friendly performances, and explore galleries on their own.



MAT’s education department will host several professional level, multi-purpose rehearsal rooms, dance spaces, and classrooms with the latest, high-quality performance-level materials and equipment. These spaces will be used for MAT-generated classes, professional level rehearsals, and amateur production rentals.