Playgoers, we bid you welcome…

MATblueprintThe Museum of American Theater (MAT) is an independent exhibition, educational, and entertainment non-profit formed to foster an appreciation of American theater and its effect on our culture. MAT will collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret its collection and theater’s past, present, and future for a global audience and honor theater’s outstanding personalities and achievements.

Visitors of all ages will experience a highly creative and engaging interactive and educational environment. Fans will become participants enjoying the fun and thrill of theater from an insider’s perspective.

The Museum of American Theater will not be your parents’ museum. Using every bit of theater magic, we will entertain, educate, and inspire our visitors with the issues, ideas and artistic expression contained within theater’s stories in a fully interactive, immersive way only theater can. As screens and electronic relationships proliferate, we will focus on what makes live theater such a distinctive experience: exhilaration, energy, color and size, and the emotional “kick in the pants.”

MAT will combine the scholarship of museums and showmanship of theater offering a complete theater experience for everyone. Sure, you’ll get to see lots of cool stuff, but instead of just traditional stand-alone exhibits mounted on walls, from the moment they arrive our visitors will experience the thrill of theater from an insider’s perspective.

They will be invited to go “backstage,” exploring parts of theater audiences don’t normally see. They’ll learn theatrical technique from our hands-on teaching artists and take part in an immersive “Opening Night Experience,” becoming part of theater themselves.

MAT will also hold classes, workshops, family activities, and entertainment in our intimate black box performance space. Our development and programming will be inclusive, welcoming every theater enterprise, artist, and personnel across the country.

By doing all this, we will not only entertain, but build a bridge, making connections between the audience, artists, and giving voice to the importance of the arts within society. We hope you’ll join us.

Be well, and live theatrically!

Museum of American Theater
Board of Trustees
Dennis Eisenberg, President
Paul Miller, Vice President
Arianne Reyer, Secretary
Edward Pugliese
Evan Michailidis
Contact MAT: info@matmuseum.org
The Museum of American Theater is incorporated and chartered by the New York State Education Department and a member of the American Alliance of Museums.